Corbyn pictured making the four-fingered Rabbi’ah sign, a symbol of the Muslim Brotherhood.

There is nothing more devastating than coming to grips with the idea that for some, your life just doesn’t matter. This is the case for Jews living in Britain today.

Hate is as old as humanity. It is an ocean that ebbs and flows. It has the power to devastate nations, destroy civilizations, and wipe out entire communities. It will never be defeated, but it cannot be fought if it is not acknowledged.

How many times does a person get to endorse, platform, and support Holocaust deniers, Jew killers, and terrorists before we can name him an antisemite?

Is 51 sufficient? Because we have more. Sara Gibbs expands in great detail on Labour’s antisemitism crisis here.

Just on the off chance that you hold a belief that Corbyn is a friend to Muslims, I’d like for you to recognize that you are divorced from reality. From his notorious support of dictator Slobodan Milošević, who Corbyn engaged in genocide revisionism when he put down an early day motion supporting John Pilger’s claim that fewer than 2,788 were killed in the genocide there (for the record, Milošević’s allies were responsible for the deaths of almost 58,000 Muslims in Bosnia and over 11,000 in Kosovo), to his current day support of the Iranian regime, which judicially killed over 100,000 people since 1979, and his allies in the Stop the War Coalition who espouse genocide apologia on behalf of the Bashar al-Assad regime in Syria.

“Racism is no longer confined to a handful but has becoming increasingly overt among people elected to positions of influence both locally and nationally. At an institutional level, the party long ago failed to expel those who deserved it and then complained about a scathing BBC Panorama investigations into the party, rather than using it as a spur to clean up their act. Perhaps more saddening even than that, and showing the party’s moral decay, is the fact that a formal investigation into complaints of anti-Semitism had to be launched this year by the Equality and Human Rights Commission.”

— RABBIL SIKDAR for UnHerd — As a Left-wing Muslim, I cannot vote for Corbyn’s Labour.

This is about systematic antisemitism within the Labour party. On Thursday, December 5th, 2019, the Jewish Labour Movement (JLM) submitted redacted 70 sworn testimonies from current and former staffers, and concluded that Labour is suffering from the “corrosive disease” of institutional racism through “unwitting prejudice, ignorance, thoughtlessness and racist stereotyping” and that “the Labour party is no longer a safe space for Jewish people”.

One of over 100 testimonies in the JLM closing submission to the EHRC

In the submission from the JLM, there are detailed allegations of antisemitic abuse at party meetings and by members online, including:

22 examples of antisemitic abuse at party meetings where he was called “child killer”, “Zio scum”, and “Tory Jew” as well as being told “Hitler was right” and that he was “good with money”.

Man who called for “extermination” of all Jews not expelled for 10 months. Holocaust deniers let off.

One woman shouted at a veteran councillor that he “licked the bum of Jews for money” She also shared posts about “Jewish agenda” to use chaos and magic to “conquer gentile world” and Israelis being behind 9/11 She was also readmitted to the party and given just a “warning”.

A woman who said that just “thousands” died in the Holocaust and that Jews were “rich, interested in finance and intent on controlling others” was given a warning and only suspended over a “data breach” .

Labour took months or years to expel members who said Jews were a “cancer”, “bent nose manipulative liars” and called for “extermination of every Jew on the planet”. Lord McDonald, ex director of public prosecutions, said some statements echoed Nazi Germany and were hate crimes.

Another who witnessed a comment at a ward meeting that “the only reason we have prostitutes in Seven Sisters is because of the Jews”.

One member reported that other members defended an individual when they said it was “over-representation of Jews in the capitalist ruling class that gives the Israel-Zionist lobby its power”.

A parliamentary candidate who described a councillor being told by a fellow member to go home and count their money after being deselected.

A speaker at a fringe event at the 2017 Labour conference asserting the right to discuss whether the Holocaust happened.

One respondent reported that the membership secretary in South Tottenham, north London, objected to 25 applications for membership from the ultra-Orthodox Jewish community, and required home visits to these prospective members’ houses. — To read the entire report click here.

The Guardian Reported:

“Former Labour party members have regularly met elements of the far right to discuss and propagate antisemitic conspiracy theories.”

Infiltration of the conspiracy theorist group Keep Talking found that Jeremy Corbyn supporters and confidantes of former Labour MPs have attended meetings addressed by Holocaust deniers.

During one gathering in London last year, suspended Labour supporters heard James Thring, an infamous antisemite linked to the former Ku Klux Klan grand wizard David Duke, speak openly and unchallenged about Holocaust denial.

A covert recording of Thring at the meeting captured him claiming that no deaths were recorded at the Auschwitz Nazi death camp, where 1.1 million people, mostly Jews, were systematically murdered.

We can pile up evidence to reach the heavens and it will not move those who have taken to Labour and Corbyn as a messiah. What is left? What’s left is acceptance. Accepting that an ideology that was supposed to promote equality and anti-racism, is not inclusive to Jews and has no issue with turning a blind eye to the oldest bigotry known to man.

As much as Nazis and white supremacists are revolting, there is a point to appreciate them wearing their hate on their sleeves, sometimes literally. We know what they think, what their intentions are, we do not welcome them in our homes, and we certainly do not empower them and gift them with power and influence. Lefty antisemitism hides behind anti-imperialism, pseudo anti-racism, and of course, anti-colonialism, which is laughable coming from Britain.

Antisemitism is like that psycho ex you can never get rid off. You can’t move away far enough before they ring your doorbell and remind you they exist. You’ve known them your whole life. You know when they start a sentence, where it would end. We are all too familiar with antisemites and their modernized ways of expression. When they conflate Zionism with Nazism, you’re not thinking, oh there must be some confusion there. The poor bastard just never read a history book. No, they know. We know too.

When they say from the river to the sea is just a statement of solidarity with Palestinians and truly they can’t see why the two cannot coexist, what they mean is…

And to all those who's only response is: “it’s about Zionism, not Jews”, I have a few words. You have bastardized the term Zionism, and now, you’re debasing Jews by trying to be reductive and try to set the two apart. Yes you, whose ancestors were alive and either participants or were viewers of the Jew in diaspora and their struggles, is letting us know we are only welcome in your society if we revile a part of our identity deeply engrained with our history, culture, and survival. The more you repeat “criticism of Israel isn’t antisemitism”, as if calling for the annihilation of the Jewish state, criticism, the more the mask slips to reveal that ugly ex we grew to know too well.

The never ending accusations of apartheid, genocide, and baby killing (is killing of any human at any other age acceptable?), is the mechanics of this monster. Painting the IDF as a bunch of SS like brigades who aim and shoot at babies is far more effective in this war of public opinion, then bothering with the complexities of life in the Middle East.

Jeremy Corbyn has explicitly denied Jewish connection to the land, historic facts of expulsions from Israel, by the various colonial forces, then from diaspora by both Western nations and the MENA expulsion of 850,000 Jews. He lies about the fact that right of return exists for Jews to Israel, and for Palestinians to Palestinian territories. Spreading these lies is akin to denial and revisionism of history and disqualifying one from leading a great nation such as Britain.

When any and all antisemitic attack is translated to criticism of Israel, an old anti Jewish trope comes to life.

When Jews are attacked in Brooklyn — we blame gentrification. The evil landlords and money-bags-Jews get what they deserve.

When Jews are attacked in Britain — Zionism is back on trial and the Elders of Zion scripts are in full display.

When Jews are attacked in America — they are merely coastal elites, who via AIPAC or Soros (pending on your political camp), want to determine the future of our country. Open borders, or “military aid” to Israel.

No matter what your headliner is, the Jews are behind it.

We are headed in a very bad direction. There is no political home for the Jew. We are nothing but a political football to be utilized only to smear the other side, but never to address the harm. If your economic theories can only be realized at the expense of the saefty of minorities in real life application, it cannot be described as equal or fair. If you believe the NHS can only survive and thrive under the leadership of an antisemite, you may have a party and a movement that does not allow real anti-racists a chance at leadership and have now become a cult. If you think the voice of 300,000 British Jews does not count, you are no better than the right you revile.

  • Update: On October 29th, 2020, The Equality and Human Rights Commission, concluded their investigation into Labour antisemitism and released their report which led to the suspension of Jeremy Corbyn from the Labour Party.